Producer, Director, Animator: Farzin Farzaneh
Voiceover: Bunny Read
Animated short, 11 minutes, Canada, 2010

© Lachrymose Films 2010

The night has a thousand eyes, a million whispers and an infinity that stretches beyond the echoes of footsteps in the dark. This is the story of one person's lonely attempts to hold on to the small haven that she has carved out of her environment, and to keep it secure against the outside forces of nature. To her chagrin, she finds that the natural environment does not always recognise her exclusive right to such comforts. 

WINNER: Best Animated Short

Queens World Film Festival, Jackson Heights, New York, USA - March 2011

WINNER: Best Short Film

Independent Film Quarterly Film & New Media Festival, New York, USA - November 2011


Anifest ROZAFA, Shkodra, Albania - September 2011
Animfest International Animation Festival, Athens, Greece - March 2012


CMS Children's Film Festival, Lucknow, India - April 2011
WILDsound Film Festival, Toronto, Canada - 28 May 2011
Festival des Films du Monde, Montréal, Canada - August 2011
Golden Kuker International Animation Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria - September 2011
Norrköping Film Festival (Flimmer), Norrköping, Sweden - October 2011
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, Montréal, Canada - February 2012
Cinémathèque québécoise, Montréal, Canada - 19 April 2012 - Public screening
Rail City Road Show, Stanstead (Québec), Canada - September 2012
Canadian Indie Showcase, The Melbourne International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia, June 2013
Canadian Indie Showcase, London International Animation Festival, London, UK, October 2013


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